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Metal delivery across the UK

J&P Lewis (Metals) Ltd takes pride in offering metal delivery to businesses across the whole of the UK. With an endless selection of metal-hungry industries throughout the country, we understand how important it is to deliver the right metal in the right quantity at the right time, keeping your business running flawlessly.

Fully processed for you

All of our metal supplies are fully processed to remove impurities and provide you with your chosen material in an easy-to-use form. We are able to provide you with metals in the form of compressed bales, granules, punchings and clippings. In each case we can match the processing to the requirements to ensure ease of both handling and use.

Any quantity you need

No matter how much or how little of any given metal you need, we will be able to provide. We can supply bulk loads of a single type of metal or mixed loads with as many different kinds of metals as you require. It doesn’t matter whether you need a one off load or regular deliveries, just talk it over with us and we’ll be happy to make arrangements.

Need processed metal delivered to your location?

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Collection services throughout Birmingham, Oldbury and the West Midlands.
Delivery services across the UK.
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